South Bend Bears Youth Lacrosse provides lacrosse instruction, youth league play, and high school competition for children between 2nd and 12th grade in the South Bend / Michiana Area.

Box Ish LAX
by posted 07/27/2022

Box-Ish Lacrosse (see rules below)
When: Next Tuesday, 8/2/2022, 6-8PM
Where: Zone 22 (2222 W. Washington St. South Bend, IN)
Who: 9th graders and up (including college, adults, etc), open to players from all local programs
$5 per person, goalies free
RSVP to or text 574-274-9425 by Monday at 5PM. Teams will set in advance so we can jump right in.
South Bend Bears Box-ish Lacrosse Rules
1. 3v3 plus goalies
2. Two 8-minute running clock halves, one time out per 16-minute game to be shared by both teams. First team to call time out gets it.
3. Mixed teams, roster set in advance (players/alum/adults from different local programs will be on each team)
4. Penalties – offending player subs off field w/o time-serving penalty, jailbreak penalty shot (shooter will line up at midfield, all other players will line up at far GLE, on the whistle all players are released)
5. Tie games decided by "best of one" shootout until a winner is determined
6. Out of bounds - If the ball goes into the netting or hits the ceiling and returns to playable area, it is a turnover with immediate restart to other team. If it does not return to playable area, other team will take position of the ball behind the goal of whichever end the ball left the playable area.
7. Starts/Restarts - One face off per half with non-face off players below GLEs, can set up in an overload on offensive or defensive end. After a goal, ball is removed from cage and play commences on whistle going the other direction.
8. Subbing is on the fly. You may pull the goalie to play 4v3.
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